girls pink bedroom by designstiles los angeles

Children's Bedroom Design: Timeless Ideas To Consider

Designing a children’s bedroom can be as fun for you to do as it is for the kids to enjoy afterwards. Children’s rooms are a whole new ball game for colors, shapes, storage ideas, and furnishings. Coming up with creative ways to include the practical elements of a bedroom is a fun challenge. 

You might even see how excited the children are when it’s finished, making the project rewarding. Whether you are looking for inspiration or considering a redesign, here are the things that you should know for designing a room that has everything a kid could want. The more innovatively you can combine fun and function, the better!

girl pink bedroom by designstiles los angeles

Make it a happy place

A child’s bedroom should make them feel content. Think unique color combinations, mixing fun patterns and incorporating some of their favorite animals or accessories in the room, which can easily be swapped out when they're no longer obsessed with aforementioned item.

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by designstiles.

Ensure there is space for creativity

In this bedroom we redesigned, we incorporated a reading nook, a cozy little corner in this bedroom, as a place that little ones, or mom and dad could lounge in during story time. This encourages learning in a relaxed environment.

boys blue bedroom by designstiles los angeles

Let Imagination Run Wild

Kids bedrooms are for more than just bedtime! Their rooms should be fun and inspire creativity as well. Turn the space itself into an exciting place to be, rather than just a room containing a few essentials. I’d like to discuss more high end ideas vs. the traditional "little kid" stuff. 

You could build an indoor tree house that they can climb a ladder to get into. Paint their desk with chalkboard paint so they can show off their art skills! Make a building station that encourages critical thinking! Giving kids a creative space allows them to be imaginative and think outside the box. Parents lives will also be much easierif their children really enjoy being in their own rooms!

cosy girls bedroom by designstiles los angeles

Make it cozy

Kids need to feel safe and secure, so fill your child’s room with items they can use to self-soothe, like a large soft blanket with enough weight to feel like a hug. Bedding, pillows, and rugs should be soft to the touch, so feel all materials before bringing them into the room.

Have fun with wallpaper! So many options are full of personality. In the coral bedroom shown above, we used wallpaper on the ceiling to draw the eyes up, and truthfully, mother wanted to avoid her daughter peeling the paper if it were on the walls. By installing it on the ceiling, it created an element of surprise.

So let your creativity go wild when it comes to designing your child's bedroom, they do after all deserve the most beautiful room in the house.

If you’d like to talk about decorating a child’s bedroom or you want to add a touch of luxury elsewhere in your home then contact designstiles now for a free consultation!


Prepping for Baby


Most of yesterday was spent Spring cleaning. Technically summer cleaning since it is now August.

Gawd, it feels good getting rid of stuff. It's also a little embarrassing 'cause you're reminded that every now and then you have bad taste. Like, whoa, I bought this because? So you hide the evidence and take it to Goodwill. And there are other things that you just need to toss. Like, I don't care how in need people are, no one should want this. Trash.

And while cleaning, I feel like 50 percent of the time is spent me convincing TH that, yes, I'm positive we don't need a pile of old papers from 2004. He likes to keep every.thing.

All this cleaning is due to project, Making Room for Baby Lovett.

We're fixing up the garage and creating real storage in there as well as starting on the nursery. Dun Dun Dun.

For nursery, we're creating a window seat with bookcases on either side and pull out drawers for a few different reasons.


A) we need more storage B) I've always wanted a window seat and C) The dogs need somewhere to lay now that Baby Lovett is taking over Bams's hang out room, per TH's request. The dogs, specifically Bams, loves sitting in this room and staring out the window. He lays on the floor now that the guest bed has been taken out.

Don't feel bad for him though, TH created a makeshift bed and he looks mighty comfortable.


You just keep on relaxing, Bams. I know this is a big adjustment for you.

So yeah, this baby thing is really happening. Every day I wake up, see my reflection in the mirror, and know I'm a day closer to being a mom. A mom.

I'm less than three months away. Every day feels like it goes by faster than the last.

And the only thing I feel like I know how to plan for is decorating a nursery (and Baby Shower input. More on that another day)

Hi kid, welcome to your room. Now what?

Exciting things nonetheless.

Happy Monday!

Cute Bohemian - Leighton's Big Girl Room

I'm so pumped to finally get to share this styling project I worked on with my blogger buddies turned friends in real life (FIRLs), Erika and Sabra.

A few months ago, Erika was working on transitioning her daughter's nursery to big girl room, during the same time that Sabra was working on launching her own photography business. While Sunday brunching one afternoon, we discussed collaborating on something together. We decided Leighton's room would be the perfect opportunity to teamup.

I came in to add some final touches Erika was looking for and get it photo ready for Sabra. The result was a Cute Bohemian big girl room for Erika's daughter, Leighton.

I think she liked it.










She's quite the artist too. Most of the art in her room is drawn by her.


So much cuteness and color. My kind o' room.

Check out Erika's blog for a list of all sources and see the room before as a nursery.

Happy Friday!


Somewhere between decorating my nephew's nursery and my biological clock ticking, I guess, I discovered how much I love nurseries and kids' rooms.

I thought I'd redirect my decor business and specialize on just that, rooms for kids - I'm still taking other interior spaces until I have enough baby work to keep me busy -  The idea came to me over the summer and since then TH has been helping me re-write my business and marketing plans. I've reached out to some of my favorite baby blogs and will start advertizing my services with them come April.

And the very first baby blog I ever discovered, which was actually one of the very first blogs I found, Spearmint Baby, asked me to be a contributor on their site.

I'll be guest posting for them every other week, starting today. So if you're interested in some of my favorite picks for kids' wallpaper, go check it out.

I'm excited for this new endeavor. But this here blog will continue with grown up interiors and all things I'm inspired by.


So cute. Check out the rest of my picks HERE.

Room Sweet Room

I skimmed through the latest HGTV magazine while at the grocery store yesterday and came across designer Ramey Caulkins' daughter's bedroom.

"I totally paused"

So cute.

Without sounding like a pedophile, I love childrens' rooms. I sort of wished I only got to decorate those.

They allow you to get bold with the color and pattern choices, and just all around permit fun.

The other day I told TH, I think we're having a girl.

He said, I think so too.

Granted I'm not pregnant nor are we even trying, but maybe I do have motherly instincts. They're called crazy.

And did I tell you TH thought I was pregnant because I wasn't drinking like my usual self?

Me: Um, but I'm still drinking.

TH: Yeah, but I heard you can have a glass a day.

Me: Not of margaritas.

So yeah, no baby but this room is going in the, I think I'm going to have a girl file folder.

Here's the same image taken from the designer's website.

Glad they zoomed out and shot that green chair. I love the look of the vintage-esque fabric. We also get a glimpse of the cowhide rug and bamboo light fixture. I like the styling of the dresser better in this photo. And did you notice the bedside table is striped in this image? Two twin beds is a great idea for sleepovers with her best friend.

A little girl's room that doesn't feel too childish and can evolve with her when it's time make grown up changes.

And speaking of TH, if you've ever wondered his perspective about my blogging, he's the one guest posting today on Victoria's blog, vmac + cheese on her series, The Man Behind the Blog.

There have been countless TH mentions on my blog, now get to know some of his thoughts.

Happy Wednesday!