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I was recently asked to participate as a Blogger Ambassador in the fifth annual, "What's New What's Next" event hosted by The New York Design Center on September 19th. The focus of the event is on new products from the New York Design Center showrooms.

This year's blogger participation is a bit different from years past. The target this year is to have a strong product presence on Pinterest.

 I was asked to create a collage, inspired by one new product to be introduced at this year's event and on the day of the event, my board will be on display amongst the other participants. But until then, boards will be pinned and repinned for promotion.

With some big name media sponsors like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and discussions with some of my favorite designers like Thom Filicia, Vicente Wolf and Bunny Williams, I was eager to jump at the opportunity to participate. And although I physically won't be able to attend the event, knowing that a board that represents my stile will be in attendance (and hopefully viewed by many) feels like a bit of an honor.

The board I created is titled, California Luxe, inspired by the new Charlotte Batik Wool Rug.

I then selected the rest of my products available through the New York Design Center site here and on Dering Hall's storefront here.

It felt great putting a board together without a budget to worry about. I was like a kid in a fancy candy store.


I wanted my board to have that California beachy feel balanced with the glamour felt within LA, mixed in with color and pattern of the designstiles aesthetic.

Let the Pinterest promotion begin.

Ready, set, pin!

Kilim with Kindness

In today's lessons of punnery. Kidding. No lesson today. I wouldn't do that to you on a Friday.

But just so we're all on the same page kilim is pronounced kee-leem. Ha. Slipped in a lesson.

Two days ago I was looking for fabric when I drove past this art rug store with a sale. Aside from texting, nothing makes me almost get into a car accident more than a blowout sale.

I u-turned that b**** and parked ma car.

I bought this one for our hallway.


It was the first one I pointed at once I walked through the door.

Sales guy was hungry; took it down for me immediately and went on and on about every detail he could get in before he thought I'd change my mind and walk out.

Price was $180 and without showing any sign of excitement, I thought that was a good deal. Tell me it's a good deal.

Sales guy: It's a great color, hand woven, unique size. You don't see sizes like these anymore. Yadda yadda.

It's so funny when sales guys try to sell you on something you're already sold on.

All I did was look around with curious eyes and he said, Okay, I'll give it to you for $150.

In my head, I'm like, um, okay. I was gonna give you the $180.

Then he says, if you pay me in cash I won't charge you tax.

Thinking, dude, I'm gonna take it. Promise.

Then he offered me a part-time job and for a split second I thought it'd be kinda neat to be paid in rugs.

I came home and told TH about my bargain day and he said I should've waited out until he went down to $100.

I rolled my eyes.

Check out more kilim. 'Cause every blogger's posting about 'em and now it's my turn.

Happy Friday!

Moroccan Diamond Rug, You are Groovy


When we stayed at The Parker, this comfy Moroccan diamond rug was in our room and I don't know if it was because we were in a super groovy place, but this rug felt goooo-oood on the feet.  Soft enough to sleep on even. But I didn't.

And yesterday, when High Gloss premiered, I saw it again. And they tell me it's from Mansour Modern, who actually confirmed its Moroccan-ness.


So then I looked for more


and now I want one.


Don't you just wanna lie on it and make snow angels?


Williams Sonoma has a more "affordable" one. Is it Christmas yet?

Happy Wednesday.

images via The Parker, High Gloss, A Perfect Gray, Mrs. Blandings, PBC Style

Rug Love

Ah, I love a good area rug. A great pattern allows for a bold statement even if the rest of your decor remains subdued.

Check out the ones I have my eye on.


I love this greenish/yellow one from Ballard Designs. Large print without being too hectic.


I can't help but think this poem rug is a little romantic.


This Lilly Pulitzer Wool Rug will add a beachy, cool, refreshing, fabulous color scheme to the right floor.


A cool zig zag rug can convert a traditional space into something more contemporary. The red trim makes this one a tad more fun. You can purchase this one here.


Ooh, ahh. This one from Anthropologie has all kinds of crazy good patterns going on.


How great would this hopscotch rug from CB2 look in a kid's room or playroom?

I picked up this faux zebra rug from Cost Plus a few years ago. It's one of the first things people see when they walk into our house since this office is adjacent to the entry. This room would definitely be more blah without it. And I love that Evan's 90-year-old grandma comments on it every time our house comes up for discussion. She's adorable.