Sunglasses hate me. The good ones at least. The cheap ones love me. They like to stick around for a while. The good ones, however, like to hide so good I can't find them. Or they just run away.

I'm infatuated with these Louis Vuitton "Anthea" sunglasses for their 70s vibe. The coral ones are my favorite.

There's no way I would ever justify spending that much on these, but they're real pretty to look at. For the rate of these I could buy 60 cheap ones and be set for life.

I think this is the first time I've ever used the word sunnies. Any Rachel Zoe lingo usually makes me cringe. "I die." Fine, you're dead. Rest in Peace.

In this case, sunglasses really was too long to use.

Any sunnies sunglasses you're crushing on?

Peachy Keen

I don't own too many peachy items. Actually, I don't think I own any. After yesterday's blog post, I've been inspired to get acquainted with the color. Just in time for Spring.

Nars blush // Tibi maxi skirt // loafers // clutch // peach pucker

Happy Tuesday!

I Found You Cheaper

I was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog the other day when their Torrey Armchair caught my attention because it looks EXACTLY like my Kooboo Wicker Chair from Cost Plus. Knowing how overpriced Pottery Barn is, I knew I got the better deal. Sure enough, I paid like 200 bucks less. If you're looking to score yourself a deal like this too, the Kooboo chair is now on sale for $129. Pottery Barn only offers a delivery discount. Joke's on them.

Pottery Barn Torrey Armchair

Kooboo Wicker Chair

On My Mind

Just a couple of things I've got my eye on. I know it's fall and all, but my mind always seems to think in summer and spring.




1. Area Rug 2. Cabinet 3. Wallpaper 4. Chair 5. Floor Lamp 6. Sheets

stILe Finds: Summer Outfit

I've seen this picture a few times before, but today I decided to take it from The City Sage.

For a while I was really worried Los Angeles would not receive a Summer this year, which would be entirely cruel and evil of Mother Nature. I don't care if we're gifted with 75 degree weather throughout most of the year, no sweater weather kinda nights are what I live for. But alas, my prayers have been answered and we've been experiencing some warmer days and nights. Unfortunately, Summer is practically over but that's alright by me because I have a feeling it'll still feel like Summer come December.  This room made me all happy-cheery and wanna create a Summer outfit based around these colors. Fly enough for a wedding even.

Summer - Missoni dresses

Dress - Missoni, Shoes - Givenchy, Purse - Topshop, Sunglasses - Love-Worn

Good Day,

Irene Lovett

stILe finds: Pink and Beige

This has got to be one the dreamiest pictures of Los Angeles I've ever seen. And one of the most romantic lace dresses I'd like to call my own.

-Irene Lovett

dress image via thisisglamorous

stILe finds: Lighting

Our bathroom renovation started on Monday and it now looks like this:

Who wants to call first dibs on the shower now? Be my guest.

The picture looks as old as the tile but believe me when I tell you it was taken this morning.

Here's what our bathroom used to look like:

Goodbye minty green tile. I'm sure you were way cool in your heyday.

If all goes according to plan, I should be able to share After pictures in about four weeks.  While we patiently wait for the hot mess to be completed, I'll share some pendant options I'm thinking about using in the space.  The bathroom isn't huge so I don't want to pick something that completely overpowers the room.  The tile going in is white and the paint color will be soothing, so I also want the light fixture to be the key piece that makes people go, "ooooh, ahhhhh."

I can already picture this one from here centered right dab in the middle of the bathroom.

Ooh, I can picture this one too. So dainty, antique looking and utterly refined. But best of all, inexpensive.

The simplicity of this West Elm one also draws in my attention.

Chandelier without all the drama. I like.

That's it, I think I'm going with this one.

Perfect for when I want people to say, "What The F*ck", and completely discredit any stile people may have thought I had.

This one from Urban Electro is waaaay more than I'm willing to spend, but in an ideal world I'd have it installed as soon as all the other rubbish was out the door.

Ugh, I can't afford this one either. Why am I torturing myself by searching for lighting I can't buy, you ask? I don't know, I kinda like it.

I can't decide. Help! What do you think? Which one would you pick? If your choice is the butterfly one, you need not comment and perhaps you shouldn't be reading this blog. : )

Until Tomorrow,

Irene Lovett

stILe finds: Boy's Nursery

Nope, still not pregnant.

I spied on The Sistah's facebook comments after she posted about my mention in the SFGate and read her pregnant friend's comment that asked if I'd design her nursery. She may have been kinda joking, but I'm dead serious and created an inspiration board with no clue as to what she even has in mind for her little man. Here's what I came up with.

Boys  Nursery

In case you're wondering what those two dots are on the top left corner, they're paint swatches. The darker hue would be an accent wall and the three remaining walls would be painted in the lighter color. The crib is from The New Traditionalists. The black and white striped rug is from IKEA, as is the white side chair, which I thought should have a throw pillow made from fabric from here. The giraffe lamp is Jonathan Adler. Bamboo Shades can be found at Home Depot and Lowe's, I'm sure. Espresso changing table adds contrast amongst the white crib and side chair. Two custom wall prints from here and here bring in personal touches, and the seagull one I've had my eye on since April.

High Five to all the Mom-to-Be's,

Irene Lovett

stILe finds: Serena and Lily

Serena and Lily is a company dedicated to selling an abundance of stylish finds for the home. They even carry fabric and paint. It was tough to narrow down my choices, but here goes it.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

Stunning white detailed lamp and pink little pouf fit for a little girl's room.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

Always a fan of fabulous throw pillows, which can be an inexpensive way to punch up a room.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

This bedskirt would be great to mix-and-match with this (on sale) duvet.$thumbRow$$thumbRow$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

An array of fabrics to choose from for their chairs, benches and headboards.$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$$thumbRow227x$

I love using fun paint colors to highlight a wall and add a touch of the unexpected.


Irene Lovett

stILe finds - The Etsy Version

Etsy reminds me a bit of visiting the local flea market without having to pay an admission fee or having to maneuver my crazy cat lady cart through narrow aisles filled with people. So really, aside from all the knickknacks, furniture, clothes and vintage items, it's nothing like the flea market but that doesn't mean I can't pretend. Etsy makes my search a tad bit easier as I get to choose the categories to skim through, but like the flea market, hours upon hours can be spent finding that perfect item. My eyes are happy when one of the categories reads, Vintage. It's a guarantee I'll find that unique item not sold in mass, and it feels a bit like having that magical key that opens any door. You know, 'cause I have one of those, right?

Take a look at my picks.

Left to Right, beginning from top:

- Vintage Mechanical Alarm Clock from Soviet Union Era. Available here.

- Vintage Brass Owl. A 'wise' purchase. Aged nicely and a great accessory to display.

- 60's pink chair begging to be bought. This would make one heck of a desk chair.

- Faux bamboo Lantern ideal for a Foyer. Click here.

- This Mid Century nightstand has incredible detail and bold color. Just right for the person looking to make a statement.

- You know how I feel about headboards, and this one is no exception. Now those are some curves. Interested? Click here.

- Vintage fan that still functions properly. I hear that's rare. Cute little size to rest atop a counter or bookshelf. Guarantee you'll receive comments.


Irene Lovett