Color Inspired Tablesetting

I liked the combination of colors this J Crew model is wearing so much I thought it would make a great example of how to translate it into a tablesetting. This approach works any time I need color inspiration actually. I see a pretty image, vibrant artwork or colorful fabric and I use it to pull a color story from.

Here a winter fresh look can easily transform into a tablescape for Spring. I think I found my new favorite plates.

winter tablesetting_edited-1

one // two // three // four

Happy Tuesday!

Entertaining with stile: Christmas Table Setting

Instead of doing the whole gift exchanging thing, my brother, sister and I get together for an early Christmas potluck and spend some quality time with our significant others. Growing up, we were surrounded by lots of uncles, aunts, and cousins on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so it's nice to gather more intimately during the holidays to catch up and reminisce about our days as kids. Sometimes we go out for dinner but this year my sister hosted and, you guessed it, I set the table.

Again, the goal is to minimize spending and try to re-use items already owned. My sister bought the red chargers and I bought flowers from a local florist and the little stockings from the 99 cent store.

I like bringing in different variations of colors so the overall look feels more unique and not so traditional. The flowers felt a little tropical, adding to the way the season had been feeling here in Southern California; warm and sunny.

Happy Tuesday!


There's lots to be thankful for and today I want to give a special thanks to those of you who continue to check this little blog of mine.

Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours.

Have a great weekend!

Halloween Table Setting Interpretation

Jessie pinned this image the other day and I immediately thought, Ooh, I want to recreate that.

Just in time for Halloween, I liked this image because it only really required one place setting. I didn't want to purchase a whole ton of new stuff I'd then put away in the garage simply to forget about.

Plus, close up shots are my favorite.

Here's my interpretation.

I used most of the stuff I already had from last Halloween.

That spooky hand champagne flute I found at the grocery store, and the scull vessel thing was found at the 99 cent store while I was stocking up on glow sticks (don't ask).

I happened to have that black ribbon. And instead of blackberries I went with garlic. The vampires rsvp'd they weren't coming.

The dahlias are from Wholefoods.

This was fun. Maybe I'll do a recurring segment where I bite off others peoples ideas.

Happy Thursday!

image one via Camille Styles

Hella Fraiche

Friday night was totally Top Chef/Housewives of The Valley at my house when a chef came and cooked an 11 course dinner for me and my friends.

TH's co-worker's brother is a talented chef who has worked at esteemed restaurants like Bazaar here in Los Angeles and has since then been pursuing this private dinner-type experience, he calls Hella Fraiche. TH is pretty much obsessed with food and when he found out about this chef's business venture, TH was right there to pick chef's brain.

The plan is to try to host more at our house, so this one with my friends was a bit of a test run. And I was way happy to be the guinea pig.

And actually this was the third time I've had the pleasure of tasting chef Christian Navarro's cuisine, but the first one I was involved with.

TH and I have done the whole tasting menu splurge at restaurants before, but to get a behind the scenes look was truly a treat and now more than ever do I appreciate the hard work that goes into planning, creating and executing a unique menu. Not to mention the cleanup.

Because this dinner was for the friends I made while in Spain, a Spanish-inspired meal was the direction I gave him.

Paella, tortilla española, fish and pork were foods I suggested and gave him the leeway to let his creativity interpret those whatever way he wanted.

My friends and I were each unbelievably impressed and so thankful he took the time to create something so amazing for us.

This was like a dream come true for TH; helping out an actual chef and being able to provide from his garden for some of the courses.

And now on to the pictures.

I decided to dine alfresco. Now that it's summer, I'd like to dine outdoors as much as possible.

First up, my table setting.

The inspiration behind this - use as many things as I already owned.

Only new things here are the pink napkins and yellow vase. Both from Home Goods, of course.

For my centerpiece, I used peonies and heather from the flower mart, and roses and greens from the garden.

That's me pouring water into a glass. I'm good at pretending because there wasn't a drop of water in that jug. And I'm not even sure I was actually trying to aim for a glass.

Now for the food. Hope you're not hungry. Pictures don't do these dishes real justice.

Barramundi fish with seared avocado, greens and tomatoes with lemon jus.

Chef's take on paella. Shrimp, calamari, mussels, scallops and curry with chives from TH's garden on risotto.

I lived with a family while in Spain where meals were provided. One day I bit into my protein and asked my host what it was. She replied, conejo. My roommate asked me to translate and I said, rabbit. It was good. But I couldn't help but awww when I walked past the cute little bunnies in the pet store on my way to school after that meal.

Here we have a rabbit roulade with herb-crusted croquette stuffed with mole-spiced béchamel with a hint of rosemary from the garden.

Second favorite, pork belly over fried chickpeas with sauteed kale.

Chicken paillard stuffed with ground chicken thigh with braised bok choy.

Not pictured was probably my favorite course, veal short rib with beans and potato cake.

Rib eye with spinach and tortilla española served atop an aioli smear.

Braised lamb served inside a Shepard's pie with black Peruvian mint chimichurri.

Also not pictured was the lamb chop served with a mint, sage, basil sauce.

Homemade whipped cream with fresh huckleberries and strawberries.

Serrano (from the garden) infused chocolate mousse with nutella powder.

Me and my Sex and the Suburbs girls.

Thee end.

This was one heck of a way to start the weekend.


Seriously, if you're interested in your own private dinner with professional chef, contact me and I'll pass any info you need.

Happy Monday!

Floral Arranging

Yesterday I decided I want to take a floral arrangement course. I don't know why this didn't occur to me sooner.

I love table setting and flowers are a pretty standard centerpiece.

I usually go with simple flowers in mason jars, milk glass and the like.

So simple and pretty, I feel like anyone can do this.

Why take a class? Am I missing something?

Uh, well, my floral arrangements never look like the photos below, so yeah, I am missing something. A lot of somethings, I'd say.

It's time to step it up and take a course.

Sign me up.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

images via style me pretty, to-be-charmed

A Thankful Table Setting

Now that gobble gobble time is only one week away

(How in holy heavens does time slip away? Slow your roll, time. Slow your roll. Only when you're waiting for someone does time seem to stop)

we need to get ready for some table setting.

Move over turkey, a nice table is a show stealer. And completes the package.

Today I'm over at The Eagle's Nest sharing some tips for setting a table on this thankful occasion.

Like this little sneak peek? There's more where this came from.


Happy Thursday!

Designer Flea Market: What I Came Home With. And Some Pretty.

A couple of you asked me if I purchased anything from The Designer Flea Market I went to over the weekend.

I'm happy to report I did. And I'm flattered that you're interested in the sorts of things I buy.

I bought a stool and some books.

A stool that goes perfectly with my Idontknowwhattodowithyou collection and some books I totally judged by their cover color.

The stool was purchased from Brittany Stiles. Remember this post when I blogged about how she stole my Twitter name?

I knew she'd be there and wanted to meet her, but had no clue where her stand would be.

As I handed over my money to pay for the stool, I looked down to see Brittany's business cards on the table. Oh, It's YOUUUUUU!

designstiles and I'm Idesignstiles. Let's battle.

No, I'm joking. She's way nice and I love her work.

Check out this baby shower she recently hosted for her sister, posted on her blog.

Absolutely gorgeous, rich Fall colors.

And in other great news. I got some PRESS today!!!

In Standard magazine, an online publication.

Click >>>HERE<<<

to read the article featuring me and a few other designers who worked on The Good Shepard Charity Project. There were 30 designers and five of us were featured in this spread. It's a great feeling being that I came in as a total newbie.

I was said to have joined the "classic with adorable".  All this time I've been saying cute. I think adorable is the better adjective.

I probably won't post until Friday. I'm still in New York and our free internet runs out in a few hours.

Happy Wednesday!


Happy first day of a new month. A month known for face stuffing. TH makes a killer Thanksgving meal and my mouth is already watering in anticipation. I, of course, will be table setting. Looking for some inspiration and I'm thinking about going a little rustic with it.

Happy Tuesday!


images via haute mama's favorites, lonny


How in the world is it October already? I swear it was March just yesterday. I feel like I'm still trying to work off last year's massive Thanksgiving dinner in order to prepare for summer's swimsuit season. It's like the calendar train forgot to stop and now we're at October again and I need to pick my slutty costume pronto. At the rate we're going I might as well start writing down my New Year's resolutions for 2013.

You're moving way too fast for me, time. I wanted to take it slow. Get to know you. It's like you're asking me to move in when we just started dating.

Speaking of time flying, TH and I moved into our house two years ago today. In celebration I already started drinking. I wish I was kidding. Just kidding, I am. Only thing I'm drinking this early is ma coffee. But I'm only saying that so you don't judge me.

So what the hell am I getting at with this post, you ask? I know, sorry. That was the longest intro for not much of a climax.

Today I have for you a Halloween inspired table setting. Do I hear a trick-or-treat?

All this stuff is on the cheap, minus the 1st dibs dining table which probably costs as much as our house.

Oh wait, the chair is also from 1st dibs. They're the equivalent of a downpayment.

I need to get me some of those Target goblets.

Hand servers are also from Target.

See, Target's awesome. The web salad plate is from Target too.

To prove I'm not a one stop shopper, the orange dot table runner is from CB2.

Dinner plate if from West Elm.

Candelabra was found at Z Gallerie.

Tapers are from pier one and I like them because they bleed like a broken heart.

Happy Birthday!

Hope it's someone's birthday otherwise that's really awkward of me to finish off with.