Dinner with Friends

This evening TH and I will host dinner for our friends The Israels, not to be confused with Israelis, although one of them is Jewish.

It's a once-a-month tradition we've been trying to keep since before their wedding last year.

I woke up bright and early to get a head start on setting the table and have something for today's post. And a perfect opportunity to use my new to me gold flatware.


gold flatware blogged about here.



Have a great weekend!

The Great Outdoors

Now that summer is here, it's time to take things outside and pretty-up our outdoor spaces.

I created an outdoor table setting inspired by the upcoming Fourth of July.

Snap crackle pop.

table|chairs|rug|pillow|blue water glass|glass tumbler|flatware|dessert plate|dinner plate|lanterns

Happy Tuesday!

I Got It From My Momma. Just Like That Song Says.

Sunday evening, my family came over to celebrate an early Mother's Day since my parents will be in Mexico the actual day of. My shipment of pink tapers (discussed here) came and put me in the table setting spirit. Plus, it's nice to pull out the fancy stuff for the momma.

This was my inspiration:

And here's my interpretation:



It turned out so different, but that's sorta the image that got the wheels a turnin' on this one.

And then I thought, You know what, I'm gonna go play in the backyard a bit and wear that dress I literally got from my momma.


Here I am wearing my mom's old dress while trying to pose au naturel, which is just about the most uncomfortable way to pose when you're standing by yourself trying to pretend like you don't know a picture is being taken. What the hell do I do with my hands? Act like I'm tying my dress and smile like you always do both simultaneously? In case you missed it, that's what I was going for.

So yeah, my mom made this cute little dress more than 40 years ago, and I so regret not taking sewing lessons from her when we still lived under the same roof.

Feliz dia de las Madres, Mom.

And Happy Tuesday to you!

inspiration image via apt 34

Table for Two

On my most recent thrift store excursion, I bought these amber-colored goblets.


I wasn't immediately sold on the color but I loved the shape.

I thought to myself, What would Eddie Ross do?

At 75 cents a pop, I'd be dumb not to buy them.

So I did, duh.

And I of course found them as an excuse to set another table.




Fairly simple.

For the drama effect, I added my horsehead bookends.

Happy Monday!




Warm Enough for A Picnic

After a morning of successful flea market shopping with my friend Mrs. T - no relation to Mr. T - I came home energized and ready to check things off not on my to-do list. It's early and we have extra daylight, what can I do now? I have a bunch of pending projects to work on and my ADD only allows me to work on pending stuff in five minute intervals, so let's work on something I can actually focus on. An impromptu picnic that requires a simple table setting.

Look at me, I'm on a roll.


https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5059/5525043621_84baaf9c27.jpg https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5176/5525031185_bec4d426d3.jpg

This is fun stuff ladies and gentleMAN.

And the only thing spent was my mental agility.

I spy placemats and pink glasses seen in my garden party and ikat bowls from Thanksgiving.


Peace Out.

Happy Monday!



Fish, Is What's For Dinner.

The Husband and I are having his parents over for dinner this evening. It's going to be a wild Friday night. I was just gonna go standard plate, silverware and stemware with it. And then I thought, They are your parents (Clueless quote). I'm gonna take this opportunity and create a table setting. So off I went to the fabric store. First thing's first, take me to the sale section. Thirty percent off, ring me up.

I liked two fabrics but didn't really have an idea of what sort of table I'd create. I bought 'em anyway. Think, think Irene. What are you gonna do? I wanna do something different. Plants instead of flowers? Good thinking. I really don't wanna buy anything other than the fabric. And just for the record, I never actually talk to myself out loud. Only in my head.

Wait, The Husband is making fish. How about something tropical? Boom, that's the plan.


Mr. Plant

I told myself there are sure to be coral-colored, zebra striped fish in the ocean.

But actually, coral (color)......ocean.....get it? It's a stretch but it ties in. Or should I say, tides in?

Okay, enough.


Bird's eye view.


The coconut is from our honeymoon in Jamaica.

To think I've wanted to get rid of it.


Because I already owned all the other items and only bought the fabric, creating this setting only cost $49.

What are your Friday plans?

Baby Shower Dinner Party

My sister hired me to create a table setting for a dinner she hosted for her preggo friend. She suggested I do the teal and pink color scheme I'm so in love with, but surprisingly I opted not to.


This was the first picture that came to mind after she hired me, so I decided to stick to it and use it as my inspiration.


I didn't want anything overtly babyish and chose to make it feel more grown-up since it was just an intimate dinner for five.


The sex of the baby is unknown so I used some gender neutral baby sheep to bring in at least one element of baby.



The lace fabric was intended to make the table setting feel somewhat delicate, like a baby.

When my sister's neighbor had a baby, she asked my brother-in-law to buy them some flowers.

When he came home with baby's breath, she was not amused by his cleverness and was too embarrassed to knock on their door and hand them floral filler.

Not sure what they ended up going with, but the story makes me laugh every time and when I bought baby's breath for this centerpiece, I was hoping the mom-to-be didn't find it insulting.

Baby's breath mixed with red roses makes me wanna punch someone in the face, but on its own it can be quite pretty.

So there you have it, another table created my moi.

Happy Monday!

Let's Take It Outside, But Not for a Fight.

I bought a bunch of Valentine's Day stuff for the table I was planning on setting for my planned Valentine's Day Game Night. As you know, my game night plans changed because our house is a mess due to some changing of kitchen floors. But I was like, screw that. I already bought all this stuff. I'm gonna set something even if it's just to take pictures. My idea was to have a mock Valentine's Day picnic for me and The Husband, inspired by this gorgeous weather we've been receiving. This was a pre-made dessert spread, so no need to go into the kitchen for any cooking.


https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5091/5434557133_f184dfc05d.jpg https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5296/5435151344_e4b5f1448a.jpg



You brought a television out for a picnic? That's strange.

Hey, this was a mock picnic okay.

Oh, and check out 6thstreestdesignschool, Kirsten is featuring my house on her blog today. Hurry, Go!

Happy Weekend.

Heart Day Inspiration

I was planning on hosting a game night a few days before Valentine's Day just so I had the excuse to set a table with the theme, but things don't always go as planned. Instead, our kitchen will get new floors and will be out of commish for who knows how long, causing a bigger mess than you'd like guests to see.  This picture right here would've been my go-to inspiration.

Maybe Next Year.

image via Better Homes and Gardens (scanned by me)

designstILes Sets a Table for The Sistah

Yesterday was The Sistah's birthday and I thought it'd be super swell sister of me if I made dinner for her. The meal was nothing fancy but I did set a fancy table because that's what I'm better at. So in came a table setting for six (sister, brother, significant others. Hey, that rhymes).

My plan was to set a pretty table but not spend a ton of money doing so.

This is kinda how my mind works:

Yellow (her favorite color) - immediate inspiration. I also wanna use some sparkle. Off I go to find me some glitter/confetti. Found it. No yellow but gold. Gold is like yellow's sophisticated cousin. Got it, next. Hey, I have those gold chargers from A Sibling Christmas Dinner. Perfect. Might as well use the same sparkly placemats too, they're pretty. I also have that candelabra I didn't get to use. That'll be my centerpiece. Duh, I'll use my china. Clear wine glasses to go with the clear candelabra and candlesticks. Shoot, I keep breaking them and only have four. Oh, but I have those white goblets and I always like to mix and match. Remember when I used them for Thanksgiving? And my garden party? I love them. What about napkins? I have white ones, yes! And gold napkin rings. Score. I'm gonna need flowers. Let's keep it simple. Spider mums and some white ones I didn't catch their name. Hmmm.... I wanna bring something else to the table, literally. Oh, I forgot, I have that fabric leftover from last New Years. Ugh, that means going in the garage and I hate going in the garage. Whatever, this fabric has some sparkle (not picked up by picture). Anything for The Sistah, right? This'll be my tablecloth. But I want something else. I know! I'll wrap fake presents because I have coordinating paper. Is that mean? Be honest, this is strictly for styling purposes. In that case, let me use my yellow teacup and saucer. I've been wanting to bust it out. This table needs some extra pattern. What about my python tray? Okay.

There you have it, another designstILes table.