The Streets of Philly

We had a quick trip to Philly over the weekend for business. TH's business. I suggested he start doing business in Fiji. But anyway, we'd always sort of considered checking Philly out and when the trip is expensed you're way quicker to check it off the list.

I was super stressing the 5 plus hour flight because my back has been killing me these days and having to pee every 22 mins is getting out of control. Thank you Tetris for getting me through the flight. And to the kind man who let me have his aisle seat. The karma gods will get you back soon.

I'm pretty terrible at taking trip photos and I've been too intimated to use my new-to-me camera since March so these pics are the best I got. Don't go judging this city based on my few pictures.


Luckily the Libetry Bell can be viewed from this glass because it saved us from waiting in line for two hours.

Like most trips should be, ours consisted of mostly eating. And every dining experience was filled with quality food.

TH being a food fanatic and Iron Chef enthusiast, made reservations at Morimoto and Amada before our flights were even booked.


Our second day in town, we supported the Dodgers and watched them play the Phillies. Unfortunately our team lost but I actually enjoyed the game and it didn't seem to draaaag like most games do. It was also nice watching them play in a different stadium, one of which is really nice.

I also wore heels, not to the game, but to dinner, for the first time since getting knocked up and I think my feet are still swollen because of it.


Our last day in town, which was also the hottest, we cabbed it to the rocky steps right before our flight home.

I know the theme song but I don't think I know the actual movie scene. This must've been the same way TH felt while on my Clueless tour.

Before I forget, I also got to meet up with Naomi from Design Manifest for a quick lunch. And sadly I didn't get to capture our moment. But yay, she's like one of the few blogging buddies I'd never had a chance to meet. So I guess you can say I was in Philly for business too.

That's a wrap.

Weekend In

This weekend TH and I will be in New York for a wedding. I love weddings and I've never been to one in October or in New York. It'll be a short trip but you know I have to squeeze in some time to hang out with this crazy girl.

Happy Friday!


image one via pink lemonade, image two unknown

Wish & Tell

Today I'm traveling. I mean, physically I'm still home, but in bloglandia I'm away visiting. That totally counts as traveling. And the best part is, I didn't have to pack.

Emily from Recently has me sharing what I'm wishing for (ooh, what'll it be) and what I'm telling. I get all gossipy. Not really.

So come on over and travel with me. You're really going to love Emily's blog. And not just because you'll see me.

It's a good one. A favorite, really.

Click here to board.

Happy Wednesday!

Toronto Trip

Toronto was awesome. It took us about six hours longer than it should have to get there because of thunderstorms delaying our flight, but we arrived safely. And a lot extra gross from the New York humidity and overcrowded airport.

TH and I really enjoyed this city we had no previous clue about. It was either Montreal or Toronto and I think Toronto won because TH's co-worker had five years of Toronto experience over Montreal, and he gave us a loose itinerary of spots and neighborhoods to check out.

Toronto is like Danny Tanner clean. Spic and Span.

I described it as a cross between Seattle and Amsterdam. If you haven't been to either, then that sentence just came across like I'm showing off.

Museum of something.

There's the Space Needle. I mean, The CN tower.

This was at TH's co-worker's friend's place who practically let us invade his place without him being home. He's said he left his door unlocked and we could make ourselves at home. I made a sandwich. Just kidding. He actually got there before us. After a few beers I asked if I could rearrange his furniture. He "coincidentally" said he had to be somewhere in ten minutes. I saw it as a service. I forget that some people may see it as an insult.

Toronto is also culturally diverse.

Here you see tasty dim sum.

Nuts in a Chinatown market.

Not pictured were also Little Italy, Little Greece, Little Portugal and Little Norway. I believe there was also a Little Jamaica but don't quote me.

No Little Mexico, but I should've gone in there to tell them this name is so Wrongo.

I so Mexi-didn't go in this market.

We did go into the Lawrence Market however. A peameal sandwich is the Canadian (anyone else say, Canoodian?) contribution to the food world. That and poutine, which is like chili cheese fries with fancier toppings.

A candid shot of me looking urban by graffiti. Promise I wasn't being all [Parker] Posey.

Pretty flowers across from the graffiti wall. I called this, boy meets girl.

I think you'll know by the Hard Rock Cafe we've entered the tourist trap.

A lady sleeping on a statue of a woman breastfeeding her baby. Told ya this city is exciting.

Here's TH proving he was there.

A pretty church.

And a pretty chick motorcycle across from a pretty patio. Eating on a patio is like a big deal. I imagine there isn't much patio eating in the winter so come summer, you don't want to skip a meal not eating on a patio.

By the way, the weather was perfect and I have high weather standards. It was 21 degrees Celsius. In Fahrenheit that means it's not freezing.

Oh yeah, good luck being an alcoholic in this town. Booze is expensive. And not every gas station or liquor store on the corner is licensed.  Have fun trying to buy liquor after 10 pm. I mean, I made the most of it, but people start looking at you suspiciously.

Big beer town too. Someone get this lady a cocktail. I am beered out.

By day two we hit up a grocery store early and tried to be more frugal with our alcohol spending. That's my bottle on the right.

Toronto is also a crazy pedestrian friendly city. We got a little too friendly with it. Day two I was like, TH please carry me before my legs fall off.

The best meal of the trip award goes to...Terroni! Terroni was really the only eatery nominated, but still.

And actually, there's a Terroni location already in LA. And there's a new one coming to downtown. I'm so there. Think homemade pasta in a hip but not crazy trendy atmosphere.

The Toronto location we dined at was in an old courthouse. And there used to be lynching back in the day and there's said to be ghosts (ahhh, goosebumps). The old jail cells are still intact and that's where they store their wine. You can see it all when you go down to the restroom. Except maybe the ghosts. Or do you?

And there you have it, our Toronto trip in 25 pictures or less.

Happy Monday.

Out of Town

This week, TH and I will be in New York then heading to Toronto for a few days. TH is going to New York for business and I'm meeting with this girl to discuss work, so I guess you can say I'm going for business too.

I'm excited for Toronto. I've never been to a purple city before (joke).

I have some lovely ladies filling in for me while I'm away so I hope you'll stick around.

Happy Monday!

San Diego with The Lonely Wife

If you read Sabra's blog then you've already seen these pictures.

I love this photo she snapped of our family so I think it's only fair I share it again.

Saturday, TH and I packed up our car and headed South to San Diego with our fur babies.

After checking into our dog friendly hotel, we met up with Sab at her home where I finally got to meet her husband and their 150 pound Great Dane, Dexter. AKA, The Monster.

Any picture she's ever shared of her little big Monster just don't do any real justice to how big he is in person.

She opened the door and there he was.

Holy cow, you have a pony.

I promise I wasn't scared here.

I think I just kept having shocked face every time I turned around to see him at my eye level.

Big dog with a big heart. He's really sweet and well trained.

After a great time wining and dining Saturday night, we met up for brunch Sunday and hung out for several hours after that.

Girl really gets me.

So here are two girls who met online (totally normal these days) and it turned out we have a mutual acquaintance. And we found out about this through instagram. Her best friend's roommate of five years is a girl I used to go to school with. Whaaa? Crazy, right? There goes the internet, making the world feel smaller.

Then I thought it was cute when she tried stealing Bams. Maybe if it was Nora I would've let her.

It was also cute that our husbands let us drag them into meeting strangers. Good sports they are. There's a lot of potential for awkwardness there but they got along really well and now we're trying to convince Sab and her husband to visit us in LA.

Happy Tuesday!


By the time you read this, I may already be sunbathing poolside, asking the server to keep the drinks coming.

We'll be in Palm Springs enjoying some quality fun time with our friends for the extra long weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day.


images via fashiontoast, spanish moss

Pura Vida

And then we arrived in Costa Rica.

I'm glad we booked this at the end of our trip since it meant we could now sit back and relax. Although we did manage to go on a three mile hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park, in 100% humidity. I didn't know I could sweat that much.

On the hike we saw butterflies the size of my hands, lizards, monkeys, crazy cool mushrooms, frogs, beautiful flowers, and other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. I was really impressed by these plants that wilt when touched and then open up again five minutes later. So cool.

We also saw crocodiles on our way to the hotel.

Some people asked us if we ziplined. I looked at them like they were crazy. You're talking to someone who's still scared of the dark and thinks snorkeling is an extreme sport. It's tough as it is arriving at the airport with suitcase, purse and carry-on. I don't need to lug around crutches too. The most adventurous thing I do is mix my alcohol.

Other people wished me a tan. I appreciate that. I love being tan. But all that really means is I got some serious skin damage. And actually my face still hurts. Yes, I wore sunblock. But hey, at least it looks like I went on a beach vacation. And when I'm 45 I'll have the wrinkles of a 58-year-old. Can't wait.

Pizza, even in Costa Rica.

At the airport, without any crutches. Safe.

That concludes the trip recap.

Happy Thursday!

PS - Pura Vida is something Costa Ricans say after (almost) everything.

Pictures from Peru: Part Two

I didn't realize how much traveling you had to do just to get to Machu Picchu. No wonder the Spaniards never found it.

We were picked up from our hotel at 5:30 am (!!!) and dropped off at the bus station. From there we rode the bus for an hour and 45 minutes - two hours. Then we took a train for an hour and a half and got on one more bus for another 30 mins. And this is the easy route. Hiking the Inca trail requires four days and three nights of dedication. Hell to the no thanks.

By the time you get to the top you're tired and are like, man, this place better be good.

And then you see this view and you're like, ohmygawd my history book just came to life.

You get a second wind and you feel so at one with nature and these mountains.

And by one I mean one of 4,000 'cause hot damn there were a lot of tourists there. And this was shorty got low season.

It really is incredible being that high up, and seeing this city that people still don't have concrete answers for.

Then we continued on our three hour tour, a three hour tour (Gilligan's Island ref. Anyone?)

It was actually more like four. And it ended right as it started to rain.

Picture on the right has me asking, What the? How does one cut through a rock without any proper tools? Sometimes I can't even cut through paper with scissors.

The entrance to the city.

TH representing for LA. Such a tourist.

The part I was least looking forward to was going back on the 30 minute bus ride down to the bottom.

In retrospect, the road isn't thaaaat scary, but I'm like the travel version of a hypochondriac. The whole way up and down I was holding onto my nonexistent seatbelt, my brain going, please don't flip over, please don't flip over.

Buses are going up and down the whole day and the road is really only wide enough for one bus, so if two buses cross paths, one of the buses needs to pull over to make way for the other one. And guess what, one of those buses is on the outside of the road. And if you're at the top, that is a loooong way down. On the way down it was raining, which means slippery road, people!

TH told me to calm down and close my eyes. I'm like, no, if we go down I wanna see. Maybe I should get on meds.

If you haven't figured it out yet, we made it down safely and arrived at our third hotel of the trip, Inkaterra.

For whatever reason we were upgraded to the nicest hotel in the city (it's a tiny city), Aguas Calientes. TH swore this is where Brad Pitt stays when he goes to Machu Picchu. I was like, you're such a dork. If anyone comes to Machu Piccu it's Sean Penn. Do you think they've been here together?

Aguas Calientes was first built to house the workers who were employed to clean up Machu Picchu after its discovery, and now it's the town where tourists stay.

On this leg of the trip, we were experiencing some stomach troubles so we turned to coca tea for help.

The end.

Come back tomorrow 'cause I'm taking you all to Costa Rica.

Happy Wednesday!

Pictures from Peru: Part One

I'm back for reals this time.

We arrived home late Saturday night, which was a smart move because that gave us all day Sunday do get back to normalcy. Or at least try.

Those ten days went by fast, as we were constantly on the go.

There was a lot of traveling within traveling - eight flights and six hotels in 10 days. I'm glad I won't have to pack and unpack to repack a suitcase for a while.

First off there was Lima, Peru. Technically Miraflores, where we devoured perfectly limed and chiled ceviche. And toasted with pisco sours, the national alcoholic beverage. Halfway through the first pisco and I started walking funny. This is the first drink I've ever had where I didn't need/want more than two.

A photo I snapped on the way to eat the ceviche.

Later that night we met up with TH's friend's friend who lives in Peru, who had two friends visiting from Greece. Strangers unite. When in Rome Peru.

The next day we met up with more people we didn't know. But kinda knew. Sara from A Dose of Pretty and I have been reading each other's blogs for over a year now, right before she moved to Lima. I contacted her soon after we booked our trip. We agreed to meet up for lunch with our husbands, who got along exceedingly well. Most of the four hour lunch was spent listening to their conversation.

So what's your favorite blog?

Sara and her husband drove us off the beaten path and showed us a part of Lima TH and I for sure would've not experienced on our own. We enjoyed every second of it, including all the car accident worthy driving and constant honking. Very Mexico City.

The following day we flew off to Cusco for some Machu Picchu altitude preparation (hotel no. 2)

We were told not to eat anything too heavy because it could result in nausea and make us sick. Yeah, we didn't listen. When hunger calls, we pick up.

Alpaca. It was good. Promise. And none of that, it tastes like chicken nonsense. It's tastes like beef.

Pizza in Peru? I know! For every five stray dogs I saw (there were so many stray dogs), there was a pizza place. Pizza place next door to a pizza place, across from a pizza place. If there's this many pizza places, then it must be good, was our logic. And it was. So much so that TH told the pizza maker he was a true artist, in his most accented Spanish. I was only a lot embarrassed.

Check please!

Cusco snapshots.

 I'm trying my best to narrow down the vacation photos, but it's tough when you want to share all 500 of them (realistically like 250).

I figured Machu Picchu deserves its own post, so you'll have to stay tuned for those tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!