To encourage each client to express their personality in order to implement a thoughtful design reflective of their lifestyle and aesthetic.

Where it Started

I am a first generation of Mexican descent. Growing up, my mother was a housekeeper and on days when I did not have school or childcare, I’d accompany her to work. There was one house in particular that I enjoyed the most because it was always full of fun, visual details like wallpaper and perfectly styled accessories. 
From that point forward, I'd reimagine ways to make decorative improvements to different spaces I'd encounter. My bedroom was the only space I had the opportunity to experiment with. My aunt noticed my innate ability and she was who suggested I look into Interior Design. This was the first time I discovered Interior Design was a career option, which coincided with finding out the homeowner of the aforementioned house I admired was an Interior Designer, so I took it as a sign.

Irene Lovett – Principal Designer

Once I found my calling, I attended California State University Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. I graduated in 2008 which was the peak of the recession. With limited job opportunities, I managed to find an entry level position with a local designer. As a hobby, I started the Designstiles (the "i" in lieu of a y represents my initial) blog - a place to share design inspiration and my home remodel updates. My early clients were friends and family, but my big break was from a Facebook post of my aunt's bedroom remodel. Said post resulted in an inquiry from outside my personal circle; and that led to a full house renovation and more referrals. Now with over a decade of experience, I've built my firm around the Designstiles mantra: making practical design solutions, creating beautiful interiors while making it all a fun, invaluable experience. I describe my style as, Playfully Refined.

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