5 Common Interior Design Mistakes You Can Improve

Interior design mistakes can easily be committed if we are not planning carefully. You’ve got space in your home that looks unattractive but you are unsure of how you can improve it. There are some common design mistakes people make when it comes to decorating and we thought it would be good to take a look at a few.

Don’t Ignore Space Planning

Buying new furniture is exciting but unfortunately, it does not fit in the area where it is supposed to be. Well,  this is the part where you must not ignore space planning. If you ignore paying attention to space planning, your space may end up out of place. This is a common interior design mistake.

Space planning helps you to define what you can fit in your area or space appropriately. It even helps you organize your home with good space planning. You may also check out our previous blog on Home Organization Tips and Benefits Straight from an Interior Designer.

It is crucial to ensure that your area or space is serving its purpose correctly. One of them is making sure that the traffic flows easily and your interiors are scaled appropriately. Thus, when you start home, it is best to measure the square footage of the space including the architectural elements of windows, doors, or archways.

I highly recommend hiring a professional interior designer in order to achieve good space planning on your design project. You may also check out and learn more ideas from our previous blog 5 Things to Ask an Interior Designer Before Hiring Them

Don’t Put Furniture Against the Wall

Putting your furniture against the wall is the top common interior design mistake. Some of their reasons are to make space look bigger. Yes, this may work with smaller rooms. But it may look weird to bigger spaces.

Don’t Be Afraid of Playing With Colors

Choosing the shades of your space and to blend it with your interior decors may sound easy, But it is actually an overwhelming task and if doubt comes you may just simply go for neutral colors. Neutral colors may be the safest option but I suggest NOT to be afraid to explore the art of colors to your interior designs. Playing with color shades could add energy and interest to your space. This is not really an interior design mistake but I recommend exploring more on colors. Colors can speak much on the homeowner’s taste, style, and personality.

Don’t Stick with One Source of Lighting

One of the overlooked elements in interior design is lighting. Lighting can have a huge effect on the mood and tone of the space. Don’t stick to one source of lighting as much as possible. You may also make use of table lamps that offer softer lights. I also suggest going for overhead lighting with options to control the brightness according to what you need. There are a lot of options you can have with varied sources of lighting like candle lamps, standing lamps or even spotlights or fairy lights that will suit the ambiance of the space.

You can make use of natural lighting from the sun. This can be done by putting up skylight on your roofing so you can gain natural lighting during the day. Natural lighting evenly distributes the light all throughout the space.

Don’t Go For Blind Buying

With the trend of online shopping nowadays, buying different kinds of items that you need is very easy by simply clicking the button. But one of the many drawbacks of buying online is that you are blinded by quality, material, and size.

It is important that when you buy furniture or interior decorations for your home you will buy it in person. Seeing it personally, feeling the kind of material that is and how the designs and shade combinations are will help you decide if that is what your space needs. If you do not have the knowledge of quality and construction of what you are buying, you will most likely end up blind buying a piece of furniture that doesn’t meet your expectations in style, durability, quality, size, or color.

Blind buying can be tempting to interior design mistakes. But again, it is best to buy the decorations and furniture in person.

In the world of interior design, space is a vital commodity. Thus, it is essential to boost every square inch of your space no matter how big or small it is. Don’t waste the space in your home where you can transform it into one of your favorite living spaces.

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